Horizon Maritime is pleased to announce a new vessel has joined its fleet. Acquired from Island Offshore in March, the former Island Dragon is now sailing under the name Horizon Dragon and crewed with local Canadian Horizon Maritime seafarers. The vessel arrived in St. John’s earlier this week and is completing a flag change to Canadian.

A UT 717 platform supply vessel (PSV), the Horizon Dragon is Norwegian built and ice classed, offering modern technology and operational efficiencies including focus on low emissions via CLEAN DESIGN class notation.

“Horizon Maritime remains focused on opportunities for strategic growth within our fleet. This acquisition positions Horizon Maritime to provide the Canadian market a well-rounded service offering, while keeping focus on tonnage that reduces overall emissions and environmental impact.” Lonita Judge, COO

“The acquisition of the Horizon Dragon re-affirms Horizon Maritime’s commitment to investing in our fleet to provide our customers and personnel with state of the art vessels that they will operate safely and efficiently.” Steve Widmeyer, CEO

The acquisition of the Horizon Dragon comes on the heels of the sale of the Horizon Enabler to North Sea Shipping. The Horizon Enabler has been renamed to North Sea Enabler and Horizon Maritime will continue to provide crewing services for the vessel.

 “North Sea Shipping maintaining the vessel crew was an important part of the terms of sale for us and is a testament to the fact that Horizon Maritime’s seafarers are some of the best in the world. Our people, both onshore and offshore, are truly our greatest asset and the pride they take in their work can be directly attributed to the successes we have had as a Company.” Steve Widmeyer, CEO

Horizon Maritime continues to provide marine personnel to our customers across Canada and internationally. This includes a diverse service offering covering all aspects of the marine industry including vessel crew for a live fish carrier in British Columbia to personnel and management for the Port of Stephenville, NL in support of World Energy GH2’s project Nujio’qonik.

Presence in western Canada is further established via, KOTUG Canada, a Horizon Maritime and KOTUG International Joint Venture Partnership, operating the KJ Gardner, the largest Oil Spill Response Vessel (OSRV) in all of Canada. The KJ Gardner was recently delivered to home base in Beecher Bay, BC where the vessel and crew were welcomed by the SC’IȺNEW Nation with a blanket and drum ceremony. The OSRV will be on long term contract with the West Coast Marine Response Center (WCMRC) in support of the Transmountain project. KOTUG Canada will add two new build, revolutionary dual fuel escort tugs in Q3 2025 that will also support the Transmountain project.

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