February 14, 2023 (Dartmouth, Canada and Stavanger, Norway) — KOTUG Canada Inc. (a partnership between KOTUG International and Horizon Maritime Services Ltd.), strongly committed to reducing impact from operations on the environment, has recently applied a revolutionary non-toxic noise reduction coatings to the hull of one of their vessels, the K.J. Gardner.

KOTUG Canada has worked extensively with Graphite Innovation and Technologies (GIT), an industry leader focused on manufacturing graphene-based sustainable marine coatings to meet these goals. KOTUG Canada used GIT’s XGIT-URN coating to help reduce underwater radiated noise emitted from the ship’s hull and the vibrations that disturb marine life. Aquatic life, such as mammals and the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whale reside within the area of employment for KOTUG Canada’s vessels. These mammals rely on underwater noise to communicate, navigate, and find food.

The K.J. Gardner is the first of three (3) vessels using the GIT applications in support of KOTUG Canada’s mission to reduce the impact on the environment, specifically related to the reduction of noise that potentially disturbs aquatic life in the Salish Sea and adjacent waters. Steve Widmeyer (Director with KOTUG Canada) reports, “This is a major step forward to strengthen our focus to be a sustainable company. We have set a high standard to meet these goals by using GIT’s XGIT-URN coating which significantly impact meeting those targets.”

Further applied to the K.J. Gardner were GIT’s XGIT-FUEL and XGIT-PROP coatings. These coatings will enhance the reduced impact with the additional benefits of considerably improving fuel efficiency and decarbonization. It is expected that over the next five years, this vessel will significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

Mo AlGermozi (Chief Executive Officer at GIT) stated, “Our team is excited to work with KOTUG Canada in meeting their sustainability goals. Our XGIT-URN, along with our other two marine coatings, will support their desire to maintain healthy and vibrant oceans while still supporting the needs of their clients. Our shared goal of reducing the environmental impact on the world’s oceans is of paramount importance. GIT is on a mission to  contribute to the movement of green shipping activities in the world’s oceans.”

The K.J. Gardner is planning to continue working in Northwestern Europe over the next few months. She will then venture to the Western Coast of Canada, specifically the Salish Sea, host to a vibrant marine ecosystem. The other vessels receiving such coating applications will arrive in Canada later this year and early 2024.


About KOTUG Canada:

KOTUG Canada is a partnership between KOTUG International and Horizon Maritime, established in 2019 offering terminal and harbour towage services across Canada with both companies combining their experience, expertise and best practices. KOTUG Canada continues to invest strongly in sustainable innovations to improve its services for the benefit of the entire maritime industry. Examples are the invention and deployment of the highly manoeuvrable RotorTug, hybrid tugs, Infield Support Vessels, a dispatch tug planning solution, and various other maritime solutions to contribute to a green maritime environment. KOTUG Canada is firmly committed to the highest industry standards of health, safety, environment, quality and security.

About Graphite Innovations & Technology:

Graphite Innovations & Technology (GIT) is a pioneer in the coating sector, and is the only company solely focused on producing sustainable products for the maritime transportation sector. GIT offers a full range of easy to apply graphene-based marine coatings that solve industry challenges in meeting new regulatory measures. With the focus of our XGIT line of products being to deliver fuel efficiency, drive decarbonization and reduce underwater noise emissions, ship operators will reach optimal vessel performance while achieving sustainability goals. For more on GIT, please visit https://www.grapheneenterprise.ca/about

For more information, please contact:

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Graphite Innovation and Technologies Inc. (GIT)
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