Newfoundland & Labrador / Kristiansund, Norway – November 2 2021 – Miawpukek Horizon is the exclusive representative of C Robotics in Canada and will be offering C Robotics` novel and environmentally friendly C Bud and C Disc technology for species harvesting and benthic management.

There is a global need for new harvesting techniques to ensure a more sustainable fishery. The patented C Robotics technology makes it possible, through new and more ecologically sensitive methods, to access fisheries that may be currently commercially non-viable or environmentally sensitive.  With many jurisdictions around the globe banning invasive bottom trawling and dredging, the technology represents an effective and gentle method for harvesting of marine species from the seabed.  

Introducing the diver operated C Disc and the remotely controlled C Bud to the Canadian marketplace, will help fishers reduce greenhouse gas emissions, bycatch and impacts to the seabed while increasing crew safety and harvest quality.  The C Bud can also be used in other segments performing environmental work such as ocean clean-up and sludge removal.  The technology has already been tested in Norway by Akvaplan Niva and Nofima with excellent results.  

“We are very pleased to finalize our agreement with Miawpukek Horizon to bring our technology to Canada.”   Added C Robotics CEO Rune Svendsen “Discussions on the partnership started prior to the pandemic.  We are excited to have an Indigenous partner in Canada that has established relationships in many areas of the marketplace and with the research and regulatory community.  The synergy of combining our global technology with the traditional knowledge of the Miawpukek First Nation will provide exceptional value to researchers, regulators, and our clients.”

Miawpukek Horizon Director, Shayne McDonald adds “The Miawpukek First Nation has been progressive in developing and investing in economic growth, including Miawpukek Horizon, Newfoundland Aqua Service, Netukulimk Fisheries, as well as the Mi’kmaq coalition acquisition of Clearwater.  This agreement, stepping further into the area of marine innovation, is a natural progression.  We look forward to introducing this technology to Canada while furthering Indigenous participation in the Blue Economy.”

Next steps include a demonstration project for the C Disc technology in coming months in collaboration with the Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation.  


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Miawpukek Horizon Maritime Services Ltd. (MHMS) is an Indigenous Business operating in Atlantic Canada that was created to service emerging opportunities in the local marine industry within the Atlantic Region.   MHMS is a company that has evolved from a relationship that started with the recruitment and development of First Nations seafarers from the Miawpukek First Nation, as Horizon Maritime sought to expand its seafarer network and further diversify its workforce.  Miawpukek seafarers have become valued members of the Horizon Maritime team and strong relationships between Miawpukek Tribal Council and Horizon Maritime principals have developed as a result.  

ABOUT C Robotics

C Robotics were founded in 2017, and are based in Kristiansund, Norway. Behind the company stands entrepreneurs with experience from establishing successful businesses within international trade and operations. The C Bud and C Disc harvesting products are based on well proven technology. The team consists of people with extensive experience from the subsea industry (Oil&Gas) and the technical understanding, combined with hands on experience from marine operations, put the team in a unique position to take a practical approach to Innovation.   With a global requirement for new harvesting techniques to ensure a sustainable and ethical future, the company’s objective is to develop an effective method for the harvesting of marine species from the seabed. At the same time, focusing on the sustainability and potential to create a business in several segments and industries around the world, by being able to gain access to new areas currently restricted by local regulations when it comes to seabed dredging, or only using divers. As a natural consequence, we are able to utilise the same solutions and technology to carry out ocean clean-up, such as plastic pollution, fish farming waste and Sea Urchin invasions to mention few.


Richard MacLellan – General Manager

Miawpukek Horizon

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Rune Svendsen – CEO

C Robotics 

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