Trans Mountain’s partnership with the Sc’ianew First Nation, located in Beecher Bay on Vancouver Island, has shared values of protecting the marine environment, building capacity and growing local economies.

Watch the inspiring interview with Chief Chipps, chief of Beecher Bay First Nation (Sc’ianew) in Canada, that outlines the Sc’ianew First Nation purpose for working with KOTUG Canada to provide Spill Response Vessels and Escort Tugs to support the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, and their role as ocean protection advocates. KOTUG Canada operates in close coordination with the Sc’ianew First Nation. The partnership includes related training and development of community members of Indigenous communities to maintain the necessary experience and knowledge in the field of advanced safe tug operations and marine response. The partnership also provides vessel crews opportunities to learn from traditional knowledge and operate with respect and appreciation of the unique natural habitat of British Columbia’s coastal environment.

KOTUG Canada is a partnership between KOTUG International and Horizon Maritime

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